b. x Zurbaran

Allouche Benias collaborated with Zurbaran to curate the Athenian restaurant's space with the latest work of artist b. 

Les Rogers speaks to Vimagazino

Les Rogers recently sat down with Vimagazino to discuss his ideas and influences behind his most recent exhibition, “Prometheus Now” which opened September 27, 2018. Rogers says, “when something appears beautiful it's easy. I continue to hope that my work transpires a threat”. 

Vassilis H. Solo Exhibition Press

The Vassilis H. exhibition Blue Shadows and A Couple of Oranges that was held at Allouche Benias Gallery from 22 June- 21 September 2018 was featured in the Greek press. 

Click here to read the complete article in LIFO (Greek)

Inaugural Exhibition, Allouche Benias

The inaugural exhibition at Allouche Benias on view through September 15, 2018 featuring works by artists: Kenny Scharf, Enoc Perez, Ross Bleckner and Donald Baechler was reviewed in the arts sections of the Greek press. 

Click here for press coverage in Athens Voice 

From New York to the Deligiorgi Mansion

Featured in one of Greece's most prominent culture magazines, founders of Allouche Benias Gallery, Eric Allouche and George Benias discuss the reasons why they chose Athens as the home for their new artistic venture, their vision for  growth of the Greek art market and the landmark building that they chose to host their artists' work. 

Kenny Scharf at the Lotte Museum of Art in Seoul

Kenny Scharf's solo exhibition Super Pop Universe is now on view at the Lotte Museum of Art in Seoul. The exhibition includes his signature installation, the psychedelic Cosmic Cavern which garnered international attention when it premiered at the Whitney Biennial in New York in 1985, as well as photographs of Club 57. Scharf says of his work, “I am not trying to make everyone think about garbage and pollution these days.