Comedian Deity, 2022 , Oil on canvas, 243.84 x 182.88 cm

Adam Green (b. 1973, England) is a musician, filmmaker, visual artist, co-founder of The Moldy Peaches and author of ten solo albums. Adam's paintings and sculptures have been the subject of exhibitions in America, Asia, and Europe, including a 2016 show at the Fondation Bayeler Museum in Basel, Switzerland. He wrote and directed the feature film The Wrong Ferrari (2010), the first film shot entirely on an iPhonem and Adam Green's Aladdin (2016). In 2019, Green released War and Paradise, a graphic novel combining his lyrical and visual vocabulary.  In his works, he uses an alphabet of symbols, known as 'Houseface' inspired by cartoon characters. Adam aims to construct multiple layers of information thus creating a brand-new world. His work is precise, hand-crafted pop art with a sense of mysticism that branches to layers, depths and axes.                                                                                                                Download full CV (.pdf)