Untitled, 2019 , Metal, gold leaves, neon light, 160 x 55 x 30 cm

Alexandros Douras is a Greek artist who lives and works in Athens, Greece. In his work, texture, light and color become the structural elements of a biomorphic, yet transcendental architecture. Eerie ceramic elements carry desires, which are reappraised and redefined in the process of coupling and coexisting with materiality. From the blue neon lights often found on the crosses of orthodox churches, to the authentic red, strongly connected with amorous ambience, passion and even fear and torture, this juxtaposition of sentimental references is not only coherent, but deeply intimate. In this heterotopic environment, utopian and dystopian concepts are present simultaneously, building an uncanny religious feeling. A feeling that echoes past memories of eroticism, awe and the need to reach out. Connecting through the light, the symbol of spirituality, embodies the power of eternal survival. Over murder, over corporal death, over emotional pain, as faith will bring healing and healing strengthens faith.

Alexandros Douras, born in 1995, gratuated from Athens School of Fine Arts in 2018 under the tutelage of Aphrodite Liti. During his studies he completed an internship in the Athens Antiquities Department of the Ministry of Culture and has also been an exchange student with the Middlesex University in U.K.

His first solo show 'Encounter' was presented in March 2019, in 'We Are Bud' project space in Athens. His second solo show 'As cephalophoric saints' was presented in December 2019, in 'Saint of Athens' project space. He has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and the U.K. In June 2019, he was granted the 'Unexpected Artist of the Year' Award at the 'Mad About Arts' Competition.

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