Charalampos asks Charis to paint for Babis, Detail, 2019 , Mixed media on canvas, 200 x 700 cm (approx.)

Charis Vlahos lives and works in Athens, Greece. He creates story-like compositions in large-scaled artworks. His intense use of color, combined with playful characters from pop culture, fairytales and his childhood drawings, create a pictorial interactive universe. As they all co-exist within his painterly society, they are then given the oppurtunity to evolve, come to a better understanding of themslves and even escape. His mixed - media technique allows parts of his paintings to transform and change the story to his liking.

The canvas is but a part of the world as he understands it. Images that are subconsciously driven by memories and beliefs are integrated in storylines. As image and painting is open to interpretation, his heroes' fates are uncertain. The ideas of absolution and liberation from restrictions of the mind, imposed by society and deep-rooted ideas, drive his heroes to overcome their egoistic natures or primordial impulses. His pictorial narration derives from archetypal structures in order to accomplish the creation of a utopia, where even the pursuit of happiness seems tangible.  

Escaping the convetional way of display, his creatures are found dripping on the floor or entering mysterious doors, hidden under his childhood sheets or hovering in polaroids as sentimental memories. They reach the point of no return and are then obliged to discover a different version of themselves in their need to survive. They play around their sexuality, almost oblivious, because of their innocence. They die and are revived through circumstantial changes and leaps of faith. Their psychological adventure unravels, offering a painted interpretation of a story that otherwise could be pieced together by words.

Charis Vlahos was accepted in Athens School of Fine Arts in 2018. He has taken part in group exhibitions and performances in Greece. In February 2020 he participated in the residency program of Saint Moritz Art Academy in Switzerland.   

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