Purple Heart, 2023 , Used basketballs, epoxy, steel, hardware, 44 x 54 x 9 in | 111.8 x 137.2 x 22.9 cm

Tyrrell Winston’s (b. 1985, California) is an artist living and working between Detroit, MI and Brooklyn, NY. His work is a result of a long process of gathering, arranging, and transforming discarded items. Winston has developed a passionate habit of collecting found objects from the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, driven by a desire to serve the public, examine the objects, and be captivated by the enduring energy they retain. A key theme in Winston's work is the juxtaposition of contrasting objects to explore the absurdity of their symbolism. By intentionally combining these elements, he delves into themes of hope and hopelessness, revival and renewal, vitality, and recklessness. 

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