Homage to Monet, 2016 , Pigment, oil and alkyd on canvas, 198 x 198 cm

American-French born artist, Vicky Colombet (b.1953), lives and works between New York City, the Hudson Valley and Paris. With a career spanning over three decades, Vicky Colombet's abstract paintings, works on paper, prints, fine art photography and architectural glass projects exist in conversation with various art historical movements - from traditional Chinese Painting to Abstract Expressionism.

Raised in Paris, Colombet whose mother was of Filipino descent spent her childhood traveling extensively with her parents across Southeast Asia and India. Eastern thinking became an important part of Colombet's perception of the world along with her commitment to Buddhism. She is deeply inspired by philosophy, physics and poetry. The writings and beliefs of Schoppenhauer and the Sublime and of Emerson and Thoreau about nature are aligned with the thoughtful approach to the Middle Way principles of living and are fully intertwined with her art. Colombet studied at the Sorbonne and began her career as a graphic designer and writer before being invited to study in the Paris atelier of Henri Dimier (1899 - 1986).

For Colombet, pigments are the particles and forces in the universe as she creates parallels of energy between the particles and brush strokes and physical movement. The use of pure pigment also gives a unique vibration and emotional resonance.

' It is such a precise process that every step, every stroke of the brush, every gesture is decisive. There is a moment where it almost seems as if even my breath interferes in the process'. A new landscape appears: a different geography. A geography that is more abstract and more mysterious. 'In my work, I'm often not referring to a particular landscape per se, but rather trying to create a visual catalyst that prompts our thinking of places and how we imagine them. I'm much more interested in the construction of ideas about landscape. It is a rich, subjective, internalized exercise that can function almost like poetry.' These are intuitive paintings concerned about the origins of the earth. - Vicky Colombet

Colombet has lived and maintained studios in Paris, the South of France, Barcelona and the Cevennes before finally settling in New York City, where she has a studio at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. She is the Recipient of the Esther and Adolph Gottlieb Foundation Grant (2001) and Pollock- Krasner Foundation Grant (2014). A member of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in Manhattan since 2004, she became an American Citizen in 2013.

In the Spring of 2020, 'Vicky Colombet: In Dialogue with Claude Monet' will open at the Musee Marmottan Monet in Paris (March to September 2020)

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