And The People Bowed And Prayed

February 28, 2020August 8, 2020

A Solo Show by Alexandros Ntouras

Towards a new theology


In the beginning there was nothing. From nothing came the earth and time.

The earth was wrapped in a potent spirit, the one we call love.

Then, out of nothing came darkness and silence and covered everything.

And the spirit said, out of darkness and silence, let there be light. So, it happened and there was morning, the first day.

Next, the spirit separated the earth from the sky and the land from the sea.

The spirit said, let there be two great stars in the sky to separate day from night.

The greater star to rule over the day and the lesser star over the silence of the night.

So it was, and there was evening, the second day.

Then the spirit, with just one word created everything else. All we know and everything we don't.

To rule by his side, the spirit invited time. He came and that was the beginning of all time until today.

And so, the night becomes the day and light becomes darkness and laughter becomes silence.


There was a town and there was a child. The child lying in bed at night crying. Crying because he's afraid of the dark.

No one to hear about it, no one to kiss him goodnight. Crying till the morning light.

Years later, the same child in the same town, lying in bed unable to sleep. Thinking of the time he was afraid of the dark.

Now he knows, out of darkness and silence comes the light.



Once upon a time people were left alone without a leader.

They said he got lost on the big mountain and he's not coming back.

They persuaded his brother to make an idol to worship.

And he ordered them to bring to him all the golden jewelry and with them he made a golden calf which shined day and night.

They put the calf high above their cities, bowed and prayed. Content now they have something to believe in.


Written by Stavros Billionis

Sound Design by Stavros Gasparatos