Come In, Get Out

September 9, 2021October 2, 2021

Charis Vlahos’ practice includes large scale paintings and installations that capture collective experiences. His work depicts the subject on the peak of its tension. His visual tools derive from internet footage and his personal archive following his coming of age. He organises different realities in a web while “stealing” advertisement language. This is evident from the chaotic element found throughout his work, as well as his tendency for repetition, which is common in his methodology. A deconstructed child’s room and familiar objects being amputated evoke a disturbing feeling to the audience.

On a second layer, some keywords could be: transition, binarism, embodiment, experience and gamification. Torn between the solid domestic environment and the intangible cyberspace, Charis Vlahos is creating holes through his works. A hole - although intangible - is always dependent on something tangible. It functions as a symbol of refuge, passage and eventually ambiguity. This void created by the hole is the opposite of completeness, which serves as his main goal: deconstruction.

Charis Vlahos (b. 2000) is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Athens, Greece.  He is currently studying at Athens School of Fine Arts. His second solo show “Come in, Get out” is functioning both as a sequel of the 7m. long painting that was presented at “zebRAWr” (first show) and as a trailer for his third step - a movie lecture - where the paintings will come to life.

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