Deceptive Realities

July 6, 2023October 14, 2023

Alexandra Doré (b.1989, Tirana, Albania) is an artist that currently lives and works in Athens, Greece. Doré’s artistic journey began in her formative years, where she discovered the transformative nature of collage. Having spent a decade in New York City, she absorbed the energy and inspiration of the metropolis, which continues to infuse her work with a dynamic and captivating spirit. Now working in the form of digital collage, Doré seamlessly integrates logos over images in order to question the original meaning of the image, resulting in new images that challenge the viewers’ perception of authenticity. 

Drawing inspiration from the works of Andy Warhol and Sigmar Polke, Doré’s unique technique combines digital printing and silkscreen on canvases to create thought-provoking compositions that examine the contradictions and illusions within them. Her art carries a distinct sarcasm, evoking a sense of irony that exposes the artificiality of our consumer- driven society. Through her work, Doré confronts viewers with the uncomfortable truth that the line between genuine and fabricated is often blurred in our contemporary world.