Karma Carriers

June 24, 2021September 30, 2021

'Karma Carriers' by GIORGOS TSERIONIS

Allouche Benias Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of Giorgos Tserionis' solo show 'Karma Carriers' following his participation at 'Mr Robinson Crusoe stayed home' group show in Benaki Museum and at 'Theorimata 2' in the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens.

Giorgos Tserionis’ works compose an imaginary anthropological museum, arising as a heterotopia, and a marginal representation that raises existential questions and introduces issues of ontological nature. At the same time, his work renegotiates the terms of cohabitation and otherness, while it makes us confront our fears, worries and anxieties. Everything asserts its position in this museum: figures from ancient Greek mythology that combine zoomorphic and anthropomorphic elements representing symbols and aspects of social anthropology, and images inspired by science fiction movies. In his compositions, the imaginative perception shaped by memory plays a leading role, while sensitivity coexists with cruelty, the past with the present, the private with the public, the individual with the collective, the subversive spirit, humor and the -at times- ironic attitude with the more or less obvious symbolic references. In today's paradoxical and dramatic coincidence of volatility, fluidity and transition, in a period of redefinition and judgment, of questioning the ideologies and systems, of social unrest, Giorgos Tserionis’ proposal offers alternative ways of contemplating the context over contemporary society, focuses and invests in the ethics of a form of art that reflects life and human beings, that emanates from reality, but is, however, depicted through transcendental approaches.

Text by Dimitris Trikas, Museologist & Journalist

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