Light Sleeper

November 12, 2022December 14, 2022

Charlie Roberts (b. 1983, Kansas, US) lives and works between Norway, New York, and Los Angeles. He creates dialogues between worlds: the real and conventional and the surreal and eccentric, across a range of practiced techniques, such as painting and sculpture.  

He draws inspiration from art history and popular culture, while referencing Greek mythology, ancient narratives, folklore traditions and allegories. These references are evident due to the “fearless” subject matter, style, and technique. His cramped paintings with multiple points of view add to the energy, determination, and uniqueness of his artistic practice; something visible in his subject matter due to the slender, either human or non-human figures, placed in a mystical, almost ethereal atmosphere.

The pieces featured in the exhibition, created over a six-month period, highlight his technique of wrapping and distorting the figures and landscapes. Through this method, he removes his figures from the real world and moves them to a mystical one. He questions the boundaries between reality and fantasy and explores how they become blurry in the digital world.