November 9, 2023December 9, 2023

Kim Westfall (b.1986, South Korea) is an artist living and working in New York. Her works are delving deeply into the intricacies of art, weaving organza ribbon, cotton, and wool yarns into a compelling narrative of memory, and emotion. Through the tactile process of layering, pleating, and tufting, these materials come together to create tapestries that resonate with the energy of a specific place and time. The artist's method is akin to gestural painting and drawing, an intimate dance between the physical and the emotional.

Westfall presents ethereal figures in British navy sailor uniforms, symbolizing the enduring relevance of this attire in Korean history and its transcultural significance. These figures exude a sense of timeworn memory, evoking a transition from history to memory. Westfall’s work challenges conventional artistic boundaries, compelling viewers to explore the aspects that elude typical symbolization and language.