"Then & Now"

December 19, 2020January 13, 2021

Allouche Benias Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition “Then & Now” featuring an international group of artists: b., Stelios Faitakis, Travis Fish, Vassilis H., Paul Insect, Royal Jarmon, Jose Lerma, Nick Payne, Hunter Potter, Mike Swaney, Filippos Telesto. Although the gallery remains closed to visitors due to the lockdown in Greece, we remain active, presenting new and exciting shows.

The past year we have gotten more and more used to keeping our own company, living life through a screen. The simplest actions, such as shaking the hand of a friend, dining with company or just seeing each other smile, have become unattainable luxuries as our past simple habits carry significant risk.

This show examines the harsh reality of social restrictions and confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic through a series of portraits, gatherings and references to popular figures.

Musicians, athletes and familiar faces remind us of our easy-going past, where every-day activities, such as concerts, sports and close interactions with friends and family were taken for granted. The diversity of the painterly themes and mediums urges us to reassess the liberties we once enjoyed and the variety that used to characterize our lives. Our old habits are now presented in a context of reevaluation as we come to appreciate even the simplest things.

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