Transfiguration of the Comedian

June 16, 2022October 7, 2022

Adam Green utilizes an alphabet of symbols, the majority of which have been inspired by deconstructed cartoon characters. This alphabet is known as 'Houseface’. He aims to construct multiple layers of information by using coded symbols as building blocks and creating a brand-new world. Therefore, he aims to present the creatures in his drawings as 'landscapescapes'. His work is precise, hand-crafted pop art with a sense of mysticism that branches to layers, depths, and axes.

Adam depicts a world that he named ‘Regular World’. This universe is ruled by deities, one of which is ‘The Comedian’. The Comedian is a demiurge or 'false god' who reanimates in several forms, sometimes as a Wizard of Oz-type character or even as a criminal in an Inquisition trial. He constructs scenarios and locations to incorporate little stories into the two-dimensional pictures he illustrates. Likewise, scenarios can emerge from the paintings and become 'real-life'.

‘’In Transfiguration of The Comedian, I present ten cross-sections of this deity.  The spirit cartilage of The Comedian is rendered through various dimensions and psychic planes, showing the many ways I view this entity.’’

– Adam Green