HYPEBEAST: Allouche Benias Explores Anxiety in Two New Exhibitions
Juxtapoz Magazine: Hein Koh takes over Allouche Benias Gallery
Eugenia Vereli, Alexandros Douras and Filippos Telesto at AB7 'Eclipse'

We congratulate for their participation in the 7th Athens Biennale Eclipse our represented artists: Eugenia Vereli, Alexandros Douras and Filippos Telesto.

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Charis Vlahos talks to Athens Voice about his exhibition Come in, Get out

Athens Voice writes about Charis Vlahos' solo show Come in, Get out at Allouche Benias Gallery.

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VHMAgazino writes about Echo and Narcissus by Vassilis H.

Vassilis H. talks to VHMAgazino about his new solo exhibition Echo and Narcissus at Allouche Benias Gallery.

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Allouche Benias at EXPO CHGO

Allouche Benias Gallery looks forward to presenting the latest work of contemporary artists Les Rogers and Vassilis H. in an endeavour to portray two artistic approaches, which, having a similar delineated point of origin, finally arrive at oppositional qualities of abstraction and representation, pictorially and ideologically.

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Vassilis H. video interview in collaboration with Athens Culture Net

Vassilis H. talks about his work and artistic influences.

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GQ Magazine Interviews Les Rogers

Les Rogers' top tips for emerging into the art scene.

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Vicky Colombet talks to ΒΗΜΑgazino about her solo exhibition at Allouche Benias Gallery
Eugenia Vereli and Filippos Kavakas talk to ΒΗΜΑgazino about their Solo Exhibitions at Allouche Benias Gallery