Nude April 2012, Detail, 2013 , Oil on canvas, 203 x 152.5 cm

Painting for Enoc Perez is not put into any kind of questioning. Perez, an artist working and living in New York who was born in Puerto Rico, “feels it’s important to have a connection to the history of the town where he’s working in.” And so he seeks to relate to the artistic practices of his precursors: Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. In doing so, he developed a technique inspired by Warhol’s prints that is derived from the process of printmaking and applies it to painting. Since 2010, Perez has returned to the use of the brush. Sometimes, he combines painting with photo collages of images found on the internet, creating palimpsests of different forms. In his depictions of modern buildings and New York skyscrapers, the trace of the utopian modern ideal, long surpassed, is captured on the canvas. However Perez focuses on the properties of painting rather than the detailed representation of the images depicted.

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