Kong, 2020 , Wood and oil-paint, 121 x 55 cm

Giorgos Tserionis lives and works in Athens, Greece. Through a broad range of media such as painting, sculpture, ceramics and large-scaled installations, he creates the image of a society in decay. The distorsions in his anthropomorphic drawings and sculptures denounce the strain of living surrounded by the ongoing violence experienced in contemporary life and promoted through media. History is referenced as a shelter against the insecurities and angst that humans of today are being subjected to. People and other beings are presented as elements under reform; everything has the ability to transform through the process of adaptation and evolution. His painted works amuse the idea of technology's interference in life. Being percepted as digital prints, his works, reverse the mechanism. As a result, artmaking, especially in the traditional way of painting, now intrudes in technology.

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