Table of Context #3, Detail, 2020 , Mixed media on canvas, 205 x 180 cm

Jordy Kerwick (b.1982) is a self-taught Australian painter who lives and works in Albi, France. Being influenced by depictions of still life in modern art, he is recreating the familiar feeling of domestic warmth in a contemporary setting. His mixed media approach consists of the heightened use of oil brushstrokes, spray-paint and collage, while including elements of sketching. His pictorial references of common objects, such as lamps, plants and rugs are fused with the intense energy of his patterned animals. What is intentionally omitted in depth, is cleverly replaced by bold color combinations and thick outlines.

In the past year, Kerwick has exhibited in Sydney, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Cologne, Hamburg and Tokyo. His works are also included in colletions all around the world.

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