Up late, 2023 , Acrylic and oil on canvas, 48 x 37.5 in | 121.92 x 95.25 cm

Gosha Levochkin (b.1986, Moscow, Russia) is a Russian-American painter living and working in New York, mostly known for his large-scale acrylic works in the tradition of ligne claire (clear line). He relocated from Moscow to Hollywood one year after the Collapse of the Soviet Union. Being a child of immigration, he learned very early the importance of adaptation as a cultural survival skill, which has been a prevalent theme throughout his work.

Levochkin’s use of space is elemental with a clean structure. He composes strict geometric forms that refer to everyday utility objects and places them in spaces that remind of natural landscapes. He creates a sculpturesque confluence of figures and objects, while initiating a dialogue between two worlds that harmoniously co-exist. 

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