Comfortable Uncomfortable, 2021 , Oil on canvas, 120 x 105 cm

Born in Budapest in 1955, Eva Beresin got passionate about drawing and painting since a young age, while observing the “old” ladies with their wild makeup and styling. Both her parents were Holocaust survivors and her father was an art collector. She graduated from the School of Fine Art in Budapest and for the past 40 years worked with different media. Since 2002 she has focused on figurative painting and installation and in 2015 she exhibited her biggest project, which was the artistic implementation of her mother's diary after her liberation from Auschwitz.

After 2019 her oil color paintings depicted her and her perception of her body historically placed in Auschwitz in order to retrace her family’s tracks. Occasionally, we can see her naked and vulnerable, something that enables her to start a dialogue with those she was never able to actually meet. Her strong fears of loss and getting older are dealt with humor, aspiring to achieve self-acceptance.

“The story of where I come from and who I am today seems an inexhaustible source. 2020 was the year of a worldwide lockdown, my work since then inevitably explores how it affects each one of us.” - Eva Beresin

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