b. x Zurbaran

Allouche Benias collaborated with Zurbaran to curate the Athenian restaurant's space with the latest work of artist b. 

Using buildings and other architectural elements as his canvases, b. introduces humorous figures in expressing the modern ideals of contemporary society. His main interest lies in consumerism and the excessive. Corporate etiquettes, religious paradigms, fast food symbols and famous trademark personas are placed within a seemingly chaotic yet very well thought composition in which they are brought together to narrate one side of a story. b.'s ironic and sharp adaptations of today's values are a perfect match for the surroundings by which he chooses to bring them to life.

The artist's work on view at Zurbaran is a collection of paintings whose subject matter delves into the cross-cultural and international political turmoil, challenging the viewer to enter a world of ultra-consumerism and decode the individual elements found within.