In Total Light: A Group Show Featuring 12 Greek Artists

January 17, 2019May 25, 2019

Allouche Benias is pleased to present the group show “In Total Light”, featuring the work of Stelios Faitakis, Panayiotis Loukas, Malvina Panagiotidi, Vassilis H., Filippos K.,Dionisis KavallieratosElias Kafouros, Pavlos Tsakonas, Vassilis Karouk, Diamantis Sotiropoulos, Vassilis Markosian and Complex Shadow from ATH Kids.

Large-scale installations, sculptures and painted works create an expressionistic, and even at times, psychedelic atmosphere that invites us to familiarise ourselves with each artist's cosmic consciousness, intimate concerns and fantasies. Simultaneous to our authorised submission, forceful images and references of pop culture emerge until we are urgently drawn back to reality and to its uneasy truth.

We become sensitive to the fragile corporeality of Malvina Panagiotidi's sculptures and Pavlos Tsakonas' symbolistic painting. We open ourselves up to hybrids of reality: from Faitakis' saints and sinners to Elia Kafouros' action figures and Vassili H.'s anthropomorphic creatures. We travel to Panayiotis Loukas' fantastical places of the subconscious and to Filippo K.'s realistic, sombre landscapes.

The show “In Total Light” comes together to explore freedom from the preconceived. Each character comes to own their idiosyncratic diverse human and bestial qualities, posing as a reminder of a collective social compromise that implicates each human entity.